Health care associated infections or conditions are a costly aspect of today’s healthcare system and ending ways to reduce them is of utmost importance, both for patient care, and for optimal resource utilization. In today’s healthcare setting, there is an increasing drive to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of the care facility, minimizing waste and preserving financial interest. Optimizing environmental quality conditions in surgery, treatment, and other critical patient care spaces may reduce airborne, waterborne, and surface contamination and the bioburden to which a patient can be exposed.

We apply research to improve everyday healthcare

OnSite LLC is multidisciplinary research and consulting group focused on testing indoor environmental qualities against certain methodologies, clinical processes or procedures, medical equipment, and engineering systems performance. It then interprets the results to help facilities “hardwire" improvement modifications into their day to day clinical, infection prevention, and facilities operations. The key to the On-Site Program is the standardized, yet tailored, approach to the unique needs of the individual hospital facilities group.


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